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Gramar Memorial Foundation

Gramar Memorial Foundation is a Ghanaian Charitable Non-Governmental Organization that seeks to imbibe children living in deprive or armed-conflict communities irrespective of their social, cultural, educational, religious or ethnic diversity to advocate for their inclusiveness in the society.
The foundation’s prime objective is to providing support and assistance for affected children up to 18 years in somewhat deprive communities in Ghana
Gramar Memorial Foundation will facilitate and develop mechanism to elevate child labor in some part of Ghana by empowering them through education, social interventions, skill training by adopting a strategic policy plan that will prevent them from migrating to the cities to engage in child labour or in the street. Children in some part of Ghana are out of school due to poverty directly engaging in head porting (Kayayei) business, hawking, fishing as a profession.
Gramar Memorial Foundation shall remain to be Charitable, non-profit marking/non-partisan organization thereby kowtowing to the core aim and objectives of the organization.

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