Covid-19: 24 Safety Protocols, a sign To Subdue the Church…Pastors claimed

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

As part of measures to ensure the global pandemic coronavirus which has spread with unseen speed and ferocity forcing the cancellation of major events and academic institutions, sending the world into self-quarantine in an attempt to curb the spread is indeed a cause we all need to comply with.

But a section of church leaders in the country is expressing various concerns about the 24 safety protocols being imposed on the church by the government are unfair and a sign to suppress the church.

Am News have sampled the views and concerns of church leaders in relating to the safety protocols during church services, of which most of them expressed worry saying, it’s unbearable to hold a church service for one hour with 100 members.

Some of these men of God are His Grace Apostle Godbless Boateng, the leader and founder of Cornerstone Bible Church International. He averred during his first church service since the president lifted the restrictions contended that the government of Ghana-led by the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo should consider the role of the church in the fight of the unseen virus and eased some of the safety protocols amidst review the 1 hour time frame to enable them hold effective church services.

He stressed  that the church has been bombarded with 24-safety protocols compared to the 4-safety protocols applied to the citizenry…even though we have put in place requisite precautionary measures to observe these protocols. The church has made a provision of hand wash machine, Thermometer Testing Gun, and alcohol-based hand sanitizers being prudent measures the church is using to support confronting the spread of the virus. However, the 24-safety protocols restraining children, old-age persons, 1hour service, and 100 members among others are too much for the church.

He lamented that considering the disregarding of social-distancing in public transport, the market, the political activities which are allowed by the government while the church is being labeled as the hot spot for possibly spreading of the virus, is rather unfortunate and an attack on Christianity.

Apostle Godbless was quick to re-emphasized that the virus is real hence national interest is paramount and we must all comply with the precautionary safety protocols to end the spread of the virus. That notwithstanding, the world cannot fight the virus by humanly powers without divine intervention thus, world leaders should revisit the basics of God’s principles to succumb for the church to contribute its quota in the forefront fight of the covid-19.

The fight of covid-19 is everyone’s responsibility to ensure in our individual capacities that we are saved from the virus. He added that the president should cogently consider the role of the church in nation-building and  engage the religious bodies in the country to dialogue on issues confronting church services as a result of the covid-19.


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Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.