A Fetish Priest Defies Court Orders, build on Road…As Chiefs looks unconcern

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A stubborn Fetish Priest in Ampabame No.1 a suburb of Atwima Kwanwoma Constituency in the Ashanti Region, Madam Ama Pokua has thrown overboard the traditional orders of the community chiefs and a Circuit Court ruling cautioned her and one Mohammed Akurugu to vacate on a site believe to be a road.

The super-powered Fetish Priest did not only defies the court ruling but refused to appear before the chiefs and elders of the community when she was summoned to the chief palace to answer questions about the closer of the said road.

In a follow-up interview to ascertain the authenticity of the matter, the Chief Linguist of the community, Kwame Paini described Madam Ama Pokua as a woman who has shown no respect to the chiefs and elders of the community. ‘‘We have, in several times warn her not to close the road but she unheeded the elders’ directives at the time the court also ruled and build on the road”.

The Court Ruling

On the 13th April 2018 at the Circuit Court in Kumasi presided over by Her Honour, Mrs. Lydia Osei Marfo passed her verdict that the two parties; Mohammed Akrugu the plaintiff and Madam Ama Pokua the defendant have no jurisdiction to the said portion of land. The defendant (Madam Ama Pokua) who is claiming ownership of the land cannot validly say she has had the land. The court went on that none of her vendors or successors, failed to mention her boundary owners and her witness failed to do same”.

The court in its ruling referred to the said portion of the land as a street and an access route for the adjoining plots. That, both parties cannot be allowed to stay on the street.

The court hereby declared that plaintiff, (Mohammed Akurugu) as well could not establish valid of the said portion of the land and cannot be allowed to continue to stay on it because it’s a public policy consideration-the area is a road or a lane passable by residents of the community.

Upon the fair and balanced judgment, the court charged both parties to stay off the said portion of the land, settling the matter. Strangely, the court later finds the plaintiff who has done no wrong but to alert the community that the defendant, Madam Ama Pokua has overstepped her jurisdiction and enter into his plot a whopping sum of Ghc10, 000 for wasting the defendant time and resources in court. Whereas the plaintiff who upon realizing that the defendant is building on an authorized portion of the land believed to be road has been used as a scapegoat to oil some people’s  and the defendant hands. To your surprised, the court ceased the plaintiff’s over 3,000 building blocks, his television set, fridge and several animals believe to be goats and sheep for the defendant. Yet, the same defendant defies the court orders and erected store-building and closed the same road in the glare of the community chiefs and the court.

Per the court ruling, when contacted the plaintiff, he lamented angrily averred that the ruling did not go down well with him because he’s financial handicap…aside that he was just being a good citizen protecting public property and that of his property. ‘‘What have I done wrong deserve auctioning of my properties to pay for a case that did not rule against me” he queried.

The plaintiff, Mohammed Akurugu, therefore calling on the Circuit Court in Kumasi upon it jurisdiction ruled against the two parties, to as a matter of national interest and that of Ampabame No.1 to cause for the demolishing of the defendant property for defiling the court ruling to serve the interest of the community.





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