A/R NDC Gives EC 48hours To Publish The Correct Figures Of Phase 1 Voters’ Exercise

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THE Ashanti Regional National Democratic Congress (NDC) has chastised the Jean Mensah-led Electoral Commission over fraud allegations in the on-going voter registration exercise in the 1st batch of the 1st phase demanding 48hours from the EC to publish correct figures.

In a press conference at the party’s regional office, the Regional Secretary of the party, Mr. Kwame Zu told the journalist that the party have since the commencement of the exercise keenly monitored the exercise and the behaviour of the EC seems to have hidden the reality of the exercise.

The Regional Secretary revealed that at the end of the 1st batch of the 1st phase, the EC registered 7,869 applicants in the Offinso North Constituency. Surprisingly, Madam Jean Mensah published 26,886 registered applicants.

In the Afigya Sekyere East Constituency, the EC registered 8,975 applicants, but again Madam Jean Mensah published 14,263. In the Juaben Constituency, the EC registered 5,802 applicants, but Madam Jean Mensah published 11,574. In the Afigya Kwabre North Constituency, the EC registered 5,268 applicants, but Madam Jean Mensah again published 10,419.

The unbelievable magic figures by Madam Jean Mensah are calculated attempt to castrate pad figures in the Ashanti Region and these are not mere allegations but the party district officers confirmed the figures to be accurate in the region. When the evil development of the EC’s attention was drawn, the regional EC officers admitted that figures entered were errors. The party upon this development deems it necessary demanding 48 hours from the EC to publish the accurate figures of the 1st batch of the 1st phase of the exercise to safeguard the sanctity of the new voters’ register.

He went further to outline widespread discrepancies that have to engulf the voter exercise in some constituencies in the party’s strongholds where students were bussed to registration centres of which he mentioned the Asawase constituency, Ejura Sekyeredumase constituency, Sekyere Afram Plains Constituency, Offinso North Constituency where people were bussed from neighboring by the ruling party-NPP to achieve their parochial agenda constituency to register

In another development, EC officials were eventually condoning in some situations that questioned the credibility of the exercise. In some Constituencies, BVRS were not properly functioning. That notwithstanding information also gathered indicate that the decision of some EC officers to vary the ECs gazette movement plans were not complied with.

This development, he said, confirms their suspicion that the only reason for which the President had asked SHS 3 and 2 students to return to school in the face of a deadly pandemic is to satisfy his political aspirations and callous electoral manoeuvres.

We are not whiners and we do not enjoy rehashing the same ills all the time with the hope of corrections being effected. We, however, lead people whose ways of expressing their frustration are varied. We, therefore, call on the Police to do the needful where applicable and the EC to be fair as mandated to prevent our followers from being human when injustice and evil triumphs longer than usual.


Notwithstanding all these challenges, we call on all our members and the many suffering Ghanaians to turn up in their numbers and register peacefully in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 2nd phases of the voter registration exercise.





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