Open Defecation Constitute Health Risk Among Ghanaians

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It is quite insisting that some people in low and middle-income countries die as a result of poor sanitation remedies and inadequate portal-water supply yearly representing 60% of diarrhea, malaria and cholera deaths in Ghana.

Researchers say portal-water; acute sanitation and hygiene could prevent the deaths of 297,000 children aged under 5years when open defecation and water population regulated properly.

According to Am News source, open defecation are being perpetuates by individuals indiscriminately increasing health risk among the citizenry. Countries that have engaged in open defecation are mostly exposed to the highest of deaths among children.

In 2013, the UN Deputy Secretary-General issued a call causing against sanitation challenges including the elimination of open defecation. The decision by the UN was to end open defecation and to achieving universal access to basic drinking water by the year2025.hence, universal access to basic sanitation needs are require with additional efforts to curb it.

The situation, have affected urban communities poses a growing concern within the ranks of urban communities where good portal-water system failed to solve the increasing level of health risks in those communities.

The habit of environmental cleanness has become a societal concern where individual households indiscriminately discharged waste into open drains constitutes a significant impact on health conditions.

Wastewater is increasingly seen as a resource of providing reliable water and nutrients for food production to feed growing urban population but when open defecation is entertained, the risk of vegetables been contaminator will probably be high.

The international authority on public health: World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that efforts to prevent transmission of diseases have been a problematic. Hence, countries should facilitate health-based regulations to arrest the situation of poor sanitation, open defecation and the need to enforce environmental cleanness.

To ensure sanitation challenges are holistically addressed, government and the global communities, especially in Africa, should consider the global burden of diseases and the level at which sanitation issues are overwhelming daily. The situation is hindering the progress of development and ensuring safe management of wastewater..


story by Antwi Boasiako Joana

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