Tradition: Nana Dadiesoabahene…. as ‘keeper’ of Asanteman weapons.

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After the Denkyira War, a matriarch by the name of Nana Ampomaa left Denkyira with her Stool, people and servants. Prior to their departure, the group had rifled the Dankyira armoury, and arrived in Kumase heavily armed. They reported to serve Otumfuo Asantehene.

Nana Ampomaa was of the Aduana Clan. Their arrival happened during the reign of Opoku Ware I.

The sight of such heavily armed group at Oseikrom caused a stir and some consternation.

They brought in heavy weapons, including guns, knives swords, shields…… that they had secured and stashed away, from the defeated Denkyira armoury.

Once the report was made to Opoku Ware I, it was decided to settle such armed group beyond the borders of Kumase. So, they were initially settled at a place called Akyiase on the Kokofu road (lakeside).

A Chief was appointed from the group who was called KOTIAHENE…. a title that reflect the fact that the group had been settled at the end of town… KUROTIA or KOOTIA.

Later, a group of people who had been pardoned by Asantehene from certain death, were added to the KOOTIA settlers, who had moved closer to the outskirt of Amakom and Asafo.

It is said that on one of his leisurely walkabout, the Asantehene came upon the settlement that had grown into a large group by the infusion of the pardoned group.

Enquiring who constituted that large group, his attendants informed him that most were those who had been pardoned from the knife…. They had subsequently, literally become “the fruits of the knife…”.

Thus, the the name DADIESOABAFUO. In time the whole settlement was called DADIESOABA….. located near the Kumase Stadium including where YF had his big house.

The Chief of Dadiesoaba is also known as NKUNTUN ne NKENTENHENE…. Recalling the heavy weaponry and shields they brought from Denkyira to Oseikrom.

But, Nana Dadiesoabahene does NOT keep ASANTE weaponry. If some of his attendants claim that, it is not the case. It is just that when they arrived in Kumase in the 1720’s, quite frankly, the weapons they possessed caused a stir; and also by the fact that they’ve always been known to carry deadly weapons. Nana Dadiesoabahene swears to Otumfuo with Mponponsuo, and he serves under the GYASE FEKUO.

Dadiesoabahene occupies an enviable position in Asante military annals, he’s led in many successful military assignments.

During the reign of Asantehene Osei Kwadwo Koawia, it was Nana Dadiesoabahene… Akwasi Atobra… who in 1774, actually cut off the head of Bandahene Worosa, a man said to be of impeccably dignified appearance. But he robbed, and sometimes killed Asante traders.. The Bandahene had mutilated Asante emissaries… from the Nseniefuo and Asomfuo group who had been sent to his court, to warn him against robbing/killing/maltreating Asante traders passing through his territory to Bontuku and other places in present day Ivory Coast to trade.

Worosa’s dignified head was brought to Kumase, where Royal Goldsmiths made a replica of his head from gold confiscated from Banda gold, and placed on an Asomfena called Worosati (Worosa’s head).

Nana Asuoyeboa Dikro (Chief of Asuoyeboa, Kumase), is the Custodian of Worosati Asomfena at Manhyia,, and is therefore also known as Worosahene.

Whenever Chiefs are in procession either in their own towns at Manhyia, their attendants make hallowed claims about the Chiefs…. That is allowed… but it really does not imply that such Chief actually can make such claims in real setting.

For example, when radio personality, Captain Smart in his role as an attendant of the Kumase Akwamuhene (Asafohene) shouted that Nana Asafohene is Kumase Dikro… KUROWURA… during the Asantehmaa DOTOYIE procession, it really does not mean that Asafohene is Kumase Dikro…, on any occasion, an Ahenkwaa would “kye Cpatain Smart Dedua”, and he would have had to slaughter many sheep for that statement.. But, that is allowed on that occasion…..

Nana Dadiesoabaheene does not ‘control’ or keep all weapons in Asanteman…. He is not the overseer….
The Current Dadiesoabahene is Baffoɔ Kofi Atobra

Worosati Asomfena precedes the Golden Stool… SIKADWA… in a procession; and may also be used by Nseniefuo, on errands from Manhyia to important Amanhene.
In the video below, Dadiesoabahene, Baafoɔ Kofi Atobra is seen disarming Bantamahene before he greets Ɔtumfoɔ Santehene.
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Credit: Sankofa Asante.

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