CORONAVIRUS: Sickle Cell Patients Are At High Risk…Dr. Brown Hinted

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The Chief Executive Officer of Blood and Genotype Awareness Foundation and a Sickle Cell Disease Specialist, Dr. Brown Osei Konadu has stated unequivocally that Sickle Cell patients would be at high risk when contracted the coronavirus-covid-19 disease.
He explained that Sickle Cell disease caused by the sickling of red blood cells…when the red blood cells sickle breaks down prematurely, can lead to anaemia. And anaemia cause shortness of breath, fatigue, and delayed growth and development in children. Dr. Brown averred that sickle cell patients are advised to avoid the eating of acidic foods which may have the tendency of being increased or weakened their immune system.
He, however, encouraged the eating of natural-based food such as; bitter cola, honey among others to boost their immune system.
According to Dr. Brown, the campaign to end Sickle cell Disease by the year 2030 is a call for every Ghanaian to participate in the fight with an effective awareness creation for the masses to buy into the concept of ending Sickle Cell Disease in new-born babies in Ghana.
The outfit has since been working closely around 400 SC patients across the country in their quest to control the slow increase of the disease. He emphasized lengthy that an estimate of about 15,000 babies are born with Sickle Cell annually in Ghana per a research survey conducted. Means that the numbers are declining compared to previous years.
To win the fight, according to Dr. Brown, strenuous measures have to be facilitated by the government to ensure marriage centres across the MMDCEs medical laboratories are set up to test would-be marriage couples to know their blood genotype before getting married. If that is done, the focus in ending sickle cell disease by the year 2030 would be materialized.
That notwithstanding, he admonished leaders of the clergy and the Muslim Clerics not to contravene in their effort to extend education to the populace but cooperate with them by offering them the opportunity to talk to the people using their church services and Mosques. ” Even though it’s very difficult for most of the people to cooperate when engaging them, we need all-inclusive support to enable them to inform, and educate the masses that Sickle Cell Disease is not witchcraft or curse, but a disease of blood genotype

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Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.