Coronavirus latest: US passes 2 million confirmed cases

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Researchers say the US may have 200,000 deaths by September. Meanwhile, Germany will end its border controls for all EU citizens on June 15.

05:59 The US has surpassed 2 million coronavirus cases, with the number of infections rising in 21 different states. The new case count comes as many states ease lockdown measures and move towards a return to normal life. The death toll in the US is now almost 113,000.

Meanwhile, experts with Harvard’s Global Health Institute say that the US could see as many as 200,000 virus-related deaths by September.

“Even if we don’t have increasing cases, even if we keep things flat, it’s reasonable to expect that we’re going to hit 200,000 deaths sometime during the month of September,” Ashish Jha, the head of the institute told CNN. “And that’s just through September. The pandemic won’t be over in September.”

The next hardest-hit country – Brazil – has just over 772,000 cases.

03:46 Germany reported 555 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total up to 185,416, according to the Robert Koch Institute. The death toll also rose by 26, up to 8,755.

Both figures mark an increase from the days prior. On Wednesday, Germany reported just 318 new cases and 18 deaths, while on Tuesday, 252 cases were confirmed.

03:10 South Korea reported 45 new cases of coronavirus, 43 of which were in the capital city of Seoul. The country has been seeing a resurgence of cases recently. Authorities are worried it might lead to a second wave of infections.

South Korea has been reporting 30-50 new cases per day since late May, especially in the capital region. But the government is hesitant to impose restrictions again, over fears of hampering an already fragile economy.

02:12 Coachella and Stagecoach music festivals have been cancelled this year due to concerns over COVID-19. The two festivals, usually held in April outside Palm Springs in California, had been postponed to October earlier, but are now cancelled.

Health officials are concerned about a possible surge in cases during autumn.

Coachella is a music and arts festival, and Stagecoach is a country music festival. Travis Scott, Calvin Harris and Frank Ocean were to headline this year’s Coachella. Lil Nas X, Carrie Underwood and Billy Ray Cyrus were expected to perform at Stagecoach.

02:11 Mexico’s death toll surpassed 15,000 on Wednesday. The country also recorded its highest number of infections in a day at 4,833, bringing the total to 129,184.

Health official Jose Luis Alomia said that 708 fatalities were also recorded in the past 24 hours. Mexico’s death toll now stands at 15,357.

02:09 Mainland China has reported 11 confirmed and four new asymptomatic coronavirus cases. All of the new cases involved travelers from overseas, according to the National Health Commission. Three confirmed cases and five asymptomatic cases were reported the day prior. The official infection total is now 83,057, with a death toll of 4,634.

China does not count asymptomatic patients — or those who have coronavirus but do not show any symptoms — as having confirmed cases.

00:43 Lufthansa has said that the positions of up to 26,000 employees are surplus to the airline’s requirements, suggesting that many more people will lose their jobs, than the earlier predicted figure of 10,000.

The airline estimates that it has a surplus of 22,000 full-time positions, or the equivalent of 26,000 employees, a Lufthansa spokeswoman said after a meeting with trade unions.

The airline last week outlined a restructuring scheme that includes thousands of job cuts and asset sales, in order to repay a €9-billion ($10.26-billion) state bailout. The company is also trying to reach a consensus with labor unions to make employees work part-time before holding a meeting on June 25, when shareholders will vote on the bailout.

The union representing pilots has said its members offered to take a cut in pay of up to 25%, but in return it wants the company to secure as many jobs as possible.

00:42 Peru said that its ginger exports nearly tripled amid the pandemic, as the root is seen as being beneficial to the immune system.

Ginger shipments showed “sustained growth of 168% in the first quarter,” compared to the same period in 2019, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

Most of the exports went to Spain, the Netherlands and the United States. Meanwhile, Spanish imports of Peruvian ginger increased by more than 500%. Peru is the world’s fourth-largest ginger exporter after China, Thailand and India.

00:05 The death toll in Latin America surpassed 70,000 fatalities on Wednesday, according to a tally of figures released by national health ministries. Brazil, the region’s worst-hit country, accounts for almost 40,000 of the total deaths, and has registered 1,274 fatalities in the last 24 hours.

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