Provide details of safety protocols for EC, NIA operations – Alex Segbefia

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Former Health Minister, Alex Segbefia, has questioned the lack of detail in the Electoral Commission (EC) and National Identification Authority’s (NIA) safety protocols for the novel coronavirus as compared to religious gatherings.

Churches and Mosques have been hit with almost 30 conditions each ahead of the June 5 deadline where they would be allowed to worship.

This has compelled Dr. Segbefia to suggest that the government is favouring the under-fire EC and NIA.

“The government has taken copious detail on what should happen in churches and schools but have given absolutely no guidelines for the Electoral Commission or for the National Identification Authority,” he said on Citi TV‘s The Point of View.

In response, the Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah insisted that the EC and NIA will certainly apply general preventive etiquettes in their activities.

“I don’t see how you are going to have the Electoral Commission gather more than a 100 people at a place at a point in time. It cannot happen under these guidelines.”

Mr. Nkrumah further argued that the government could not dictate details to the EC and NIA.

“Remember, ideally, they are supposed to be independent organisations and if you read the constitution, in the performance of their tasks, you cant even be dictating too much to them.”

“They themselves are required to come up with the details in the light of their independence that would ensure that they don’t put people’s lives at risk,” he added.

The EC plans to begin the voter registration later in June 2020 whilst the NIA plans to resume the Ghana Card registration before the voter registration begins.

Because of the EC’s move to make the Ghana Card and Passports the only valid forms of identification for registering onto the electoral roll ahead of the registration in June, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), which Dr. Segbefia served under, has accused the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) of conniving with the EC and the NIA to rig the 2020 elections.

Source: citinews

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Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.