Over 16 Million Ghanaians To Be Disenfranchised By Jean Mensa…NDC Chairman

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

 The Constituency Chairman for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Bosomtwi Constituency of the Ashanti Region, Mr. Dickson Yaw Manu has castigated the Electoral Commissioner and her deputies in their capacity and backed by the ruling government…NPP to wrongfully disenfranchise over 16 million Ghanaians in the upcoming 220 general elections with the unconstitutional new voters’ register.

He observed in line with the EC’s proposals seeking parliament to allow them (EC) use the yet unfinished National Identification Authority Card, passport and vouch as a required instrument for the new voters’ registration exercise.


This move, according to Mr. Manu is a calculated attempt by the EC and the ruling government to deprive millions of Ghanaians their constitutional legitimate mandate to vote.

Mr. Yaw Manu explained lengthily that the demeanour and character portray by the EC does not need any soothsayer to tell you that Madam Jean Mensa means mischief. Adding, half of Ghanaians have no passport and the NIA and they are the majority likely not to take part in the 2020 elections. And considering the time fame, it will only take the EC the magic formula to mop-up with the NIA registration to be able to include the large chunk of Ghanaians who couldn’t register for the NIA card. If not, a section of Ghanaians will not take part in the new register exercise.


The welfare and security of Ghanaians are paramount thus; the EC should not rely solely on their constitutional independence to trade with the people’s safety in exchange of right. We are in difficult times which does not warrant for any complacencies when the novel virus is gaining grounds in the country.


He went further to explain that the party is making progress towards the upcoming 2020 general elections, by facilitating viable internal structures to train polling agents to supervise the new voters’ register and the general elections as they wait patiently for the party’s top hierarchy.

The chairman reiterated that in their quest to contribute their quota as an opposition party in the constituency, they have engaged in the daily supply of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, soaps, face masks and many others to support residents in the wake of controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The initiative was to inform the constituency that we are one people irrespective of our political colours; we need at all times consider our family relations and act with human-face. He lauds the NPP MP for performing creditably in the area of development. But he was quick to chastise the government for doing absolutely nothing since they took over the seat of governance in the constituency. ”I will say with authority that government has done virtually nothing to be compared to the previous NDC government in the Bosomtwi District”.


Mr. Dickson Yaw Manu averred further that as chairman, his commitment is to ensure the party wins the 2020 general elections and that he will do everything under his administrative clouts to ensure violence-free in the constituency during the elections. Through this peaceful path initiative, he called for a truce in the party emphasizing that the only remedy to win the 2020 elections is to form a formidable united front team and devoid of internal wrangling.

He concluded with an appeal of advice to the public that the coronavirus is real hence they should comply with its protocols by adhering to the wearing of the face masks, observing of the social-distances and the regular hand washing in their expedition to confront the virus.










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Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.