Ghana Will Lose The Fight Of Covid-19 To Political Bigotry…As The Country Sits On Time Bomb

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.


It appears that across the African continent, general elections are believed to be do-or-die game characterized by violence and accusations of rigging as part of the game plan to frustrate and outwit each other.

Ghana since 1992, has demonstrated her democratic governance leading to peaceful elections without widespread violence despite the heightened tension in the country whenever there is an election.

Upon all these political myopias, the EC has presided over elections and that has resulted in a peaceful outcome signifies our maturity level when it comes to elections. But that benchmark cannot use to measure the future. And this road map has measured our commitment to organising peaceful elections but that does not permit the Electoral Commission to downplay the concerns of the various agitated political parties on grounds that they are an independent body and that the grieved parties views are not welcome.

Even though the Electoral Commission’s independence is being threatened which seems to have kidnapped by the political parties confronting the EC’s free will to effective work seeks to undermine the integrity of our electoral process.

In our quest to fighting the global pandemic coronavirus which is spreading with unseen speed and ferocity forcing the cancellation of major events and academic institutions, sending the world into self-quarantine in an attempt to curb the spread are key lessons Ghanaians should be learnt and act promptly without taking chances.

According to the Chief Executive Director of Unity Link Foundation, Mr. Elvis Jackson Etuah, who also known in the music industry as ”Papajay” the world is collectively doing what they could to end the spread of the novel virus by observing WHO covid-19 protocols. But, is Ghana bent in adhering to the protocols?

Fundamentally, the organisation…Unity Link Foundation had earlier released a statement calling on the Electoral Commission and the political parties to engage in a round table discussion to unravel on the issue to whether we need a new voters’ register or not, we still maintain to our earlier call that the EC should as a matter national interest think first of the ordinary Ghanaian even though, we are not asking much, but the EC should put aside pride and go into bed with all parties so as to succumb for peace exercise and elections. The political atmosphere seems not to be looking good because the necessary engagements were not met and these when not managed properly, the probability we will not be looking for a soothsayer to tell you that there will be violence acceleration during the exercise and we collectively have to make hay before the sun shines.

That notwithstanding, we need to know where have we gotten with the fight of covid-19.  And the layman would say; I head that Ghana’s confirmed covid-19 cases are now 7,117 which means the virus is gradually spreading speedily because the various protocols are been violated…our markets places, shopping malls, lorry stations are not observing social-distances. And these are concerns we have to consider when we are engaging in public exercise. ‘’Will we be able to comply with the covid-19 directives, these should be the checks and balances EC and the various political parties should be concern about’’.

The country has a total number of 25 registered political parties and when all these parties are to present their agents during the exercise, one polling station will be having a population of 50 people including EC officials and base on this reckoning’s, we will violate WHO covid-19 protocols and expose ourselves to the virus.

We have observed these challenges and the outburst of the various political parties as a situation that will endanger the beauty of our electoral democracy. We should not, as a nation exhibit signs of complacency in our elections process because the future doesn’t look good and we need to facilitate swift measures to accommodate and assess all grievances matters to the new voters’ register compilation.

As a peace advocacy organisation, we deem it appropriate to once again use this opportunity to appeal on the various political parties who are key stakeholders in the matter to call for a truce among themselves and go into consultative dialogue with the EC who are the pivotal referee in the game to ensure Ghana maintain and uphold our electoral process in the diaspora.


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Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.