Any Lady Who Has Passed A Certain Age And Still A Virgin Is Because She Is Ugly – Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

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Founder and leader of the Lighthouse Chapel, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, says women who grow past a certain age with their virginity intact are ugly women. Heward-Mills made the very controversial statement in a sermon to his church, a video of which we’ve sighted online.

Heward-Mills said during his sermon: “You ladies who are virgins it’s because you were not beautiful when you were at a certain age.”

When some members of the congregation started calling out, he said no one should get angry at him or shout at him when he is ‘preaching the word of God’.

As to which part of the Bible that assumption came from, the Bishop failed to supply it.


Alfred Torsu 🌍@alfred_torsu

Bishop Dag Heward Mills dropping some serious bars as to why some ladies are fortunate to be virgins.

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