Ghana Flouting WHO Coronavirus Protocols  

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As the world intensely facilitating hard-headed measures including protocols observations to prevent the vast spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Ghana seems to be engaging in violation of the World Health Organisation covid-19 protocols by allowing some government institutions to organise public functions and such institution is the Ghana National Theatre.

This bizarrely decision or indecision by government of Ghana is given suspicion of how government stand to lose the fight to uncontrolled social-distances, wearing of face masks and the will believe of the virus associated with the people.

Substantially, a country that ultimately bent in tackling the virus would not in any diverse ways allowed concert or better still, dancing performance at the auspices of no face masks and no social-distances observations indicated how reckless we are as a nation toward confronting the spread of the virus..

On Friday May 6, 2020, three groups; the Ghana National Theatre…the National Symphony Orchestra, the National Dance Company and Drama Group Abibigromma, the Dance Department of the University of Ghana (UG), the Choir of UG, Three Idiots and Young Ashes, among others organised a traditional dance and cultural performance in honour of the late Emeritus Prof. Nketia.

The world even though, is in struggling times as a result of covid-19 and such events have been restricted globally and Ghana is no exception. Performers and dancers on the event were exposed themselves to possibly contacting or transporting the virus to others because they were not observing the social-distances or were either masked.

The entire event and how it was coordinated, was a sort of exposing mostly the workers and staff of the outfit in danger. The Executive Director of the National Theatre of Ghana, Mrs Amy Appiah Frimpong, in our obsession, has thrown overboard the president and WHO directives into the gutters and allowed such event to take place questioning her integrity as head of the institution.

This, according to the Executive Director of Damak Sanitation Watch and Health, Daniel Mbabugri Akugri can say that government is gradually losing the fight of covid-19 to complacencies.

That notwithstanding, hot pots regions in the country are violating all the necessary protocols raising eye brows of possible increasing the numbers of the covid-19 cases. Most market places, transport station, shopping malls even government commercial buses are not observing the social distance any more. ‘I personally intercepted a branded government commercial bus’’, ‘’Ayalolo bus’’ in Kumasi where the bus was full to it normal capacity’’, indicate low we are trying to kowtow the fight of the virus to ‘I don’t care attitude’’, as a nation.

The organisation…Damak Sanitation Watch and Health have, in our endeavors see the need for government led by the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to as a matter of national interest constitute yet, another strategic measures to enhance result-oriented in his preparedness to confront the spread of the virus…though the country have so far recorded 6,617 positive cases, and 1,978 recovery and 31 death which stand to be a worrying situation for the nation.







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Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.