Sarikin Zongo Secretly Film Bantamahene To Perpetuate Lies

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Barely two months ago, butchers at the Kumasi Abattoir …Manyanka engaged each other’s in a brawls over who to succeed the late chief of the Manyanka-Community which took the intervention of the Military to calm down the nerves of the angry butchers.

The two groups have being in each other’s neck for a while after the case was resolved by the Ashanti Regional Minister, Mr. Simon Osei Mensah and the security apparatus yet, the issue seem not  to be on its last legs.

Last week Friday, the other group held a press conference to respond to the other group led by the zongo chief, Sarikin Sultan Omar Faruk who claimed to be the legitimate custodians of the Manyanka seat. But the other faction comprises of Kasena’s, Dagomba’s and the Frafra’s also claimed they are the majority and it’s their turn to succeed the late chief and this has being the genesis of their misunderstanding. The three- joined group…Kasena, Dagomba and Farafa, during their press conference reiterated that the matters is sitting on the regional minister’s table but the Zongo chief and his group want to use foul means to outwit them which they say, the world is in difficult times where business are not in good stand and they need a leader to supervise their business though not in bloody way as the other group is wishing for hence they will remain calm and wait for the regional ministers responds.

Through their rebuttal Sarikin Zongo and his group in a schematic way call on the Bantama Chief, Baffour Owusu Amankwatia IV  in their bid to introduce the chief of Manyanka to him. Upon their invitation, the Bantamahene granted them the permission to visit knowingly or unknowingly, they meant mischief. They secretly film their conversation and meeting proceedings with Baffour and upload the video on social media claiming that Baffour has confirmed their candidate as the legitimate chief of Kumasi abattoir. This did not go down well with Baffour owusu Amankwatia IV because he was secretly filmed and perpetuate lies against him for alleging to have endorsed their candidate as chief.

Speaking to journalist in a press briefing by the Spokesperson for Bantamahene, Nana Oppong explained that when Sarikin Zongo and his group came to Baffour, he was not properly dressed deserve to be film either was privy to the act of which they are treating it as criminal and deprive of privacy and went further to expose him on public sphere.

The ill motive act  of Sarikin Zongo and his group to implicate the over Lord of Bantama, their actions were criminal and violation of his right demands Sarikin Zongo,Sultan Omar Faruk and his group to immediately render an unqualified apology to Baffour Owusu Amankwatia IV through the same  circulated sources of the video for secretly filming him and exposed his image on  social media.

Nana Oppong on behalf of Baffour  Owusu Amankwatia IV entreating the general public, especially members of abattoir to treat the said video as capable deception and a calculated attempt to impugn the image Baffour…Bantamahene is not in position to choose a chief for members of Manyanka and if such duties are given to him, the astute thing to do was to engage the entire membership  of the abattoir to make peace rain.


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