Coronavirus: Asokwa Municipal Step Up Measures To Control Virus Spread … As ‘’Operation Wear Your Mask’’ Kick Started

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.

As part of measures geared towards enforcing the wearing of face mask in public, the Asokwa Municipal Assembly has rolled out operation wear your mask in their expedition to control the unseen spread of the novel coronavirus which has claimed millions of lives globally.

The five-day exercise being initiated by the Asokwa Municipal Assembly and the various security agencies is aimed at achieving total compliance to the mandatory wear your mask directive in the municipality.

In line with the exercise, a meeting was held by Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) and resolved to carry out the exercise due to the low level of compliance to the wear your mask directives in most of the electoral areas in the municipality.

The one week joint exercise is focus mainly on the various market centers, lorry stations, business centers, shopping malls and other strategic points in the municipality in their quest to enforce the mandatory protocols in the country.

The Instrumental exercise conducted by the Municipal NCCE, the Municipal Information Department, the Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) did not only observed the wearing of face mask, but also educate residents and commuters on the need to wear face mask when living their various homes at all times, whilst advising recalcitrant  to strictly comply with the protocols since  the assembly is poised to punish persons who refuse to adhere to the directives in the municipality.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Chief Akwannuasah Gyimah who spearheads the operation reiterated that the outfit is living no stone unturned to compel people   to adhere to the directives including observing all the protocols that may lead to the closure of markets, lorry stations and other business centers in the municipality.

Expressing  his worry over the low level of compliance of wear your mask directive, which has been identified as a potential protection against the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic, the MCE said his outfit was poised to do everything possible to ensure further spread of the virus  are being reduced  in the municipality.

He noted that even if the assembly has to take extreme decisions of imposing some restrictions on people in the municipality as an antidote of fighting the pandemic, the assembly will not hesitate to do so.

Chief Akwannuasah Gyimah therefore, enjoined the residents to strictly adhere to all the approved protocols by the World Health Organization (WHO), particularly the wearing of face mask anytime they are out in the public.

The MCE pointed out that though the exercise will cost the assembly financially, he is determined to accommodate it since it is the only effective way to safeguard the safety of residents.

On his behalf, the Asokwa District Police Commander, Superintendent   Owusu Mpianim, the Commander in charge of ‘’wear your mask’’  operation, sounded intense warning to residents not to dare his team by refusing to wear the mask, as they would be dealt ruthlessly.

“Today is the first day of the operation so we are applying human face telling them to wear the mask but from tomorrow we are going to be hard on the stubborn ones”, the Commander emphasized.

He noted that with Asokwa been one of the hot spots in terms of the pandemic in the Ashanti Region, it will be appropriate to wear the mask at all times.

He particularly warned commercial drivers to enforce the wearing of the mask stating that, drivers who fail to comply with the directives would not be allowed to ply their trade at the various terminals. He went further to instruct the drivers to ensure that passengers comply with all the directives before boarding a vehicle.

He used the opportunity to urge leadership of the various lorry terminals not to allow people who do not wear mask to engage in any form of business activities at their various outfits.




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Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.