Bomaa Paradise Singers call on Ghana government and the general public for financial support- Report

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A patriotic singing group from Bomaa in the Bono region has call on Ghana government and the general public for financial support to complete a song composed for the country.

In an interview with Kofi Adoma on Kofi Tv,  Obeng Acheampong, leader of the group, expressed great displeasure for a very long time neglection from substantive leaders of this country despite their hard work for this country.

“They have been playing and dancing with our songs at the various national inauguration, but I can tell you for a fact that most of our leaders doesn’t know that the originators of this songs are still alive.” He stressed.

Listen to freestyle of Bomaa Paradise Singers.


The singing group is known to be the originators of most popular Ghana’a patriotic songs which are usually played during national holidays like farmers day and independence day. Songs like ‘Osee Yee Ghana, ‘Ghana Akuafo)’, ‘Moma Yehwe Yie’, ‘The big six’ and the likes are usually played during national holidays to arose the spirit of Ghana.

“Our songs are only played on radio and government innaugurations but we the originators have been ignored all these while” Mr Ob

eng told Sikka Fm during their interview on Saturday.

Some listeners of Sikka FM entertainment program also did not take it likely and wrote to express their disappointment in the leaders of this country, since they have found of inviting circular musicians to the presidency from time to time without a second thought on those who have Ghana at heart like Bomaa Paradise singers.

Some of the messages reads:

“am very sad for this country, so these legends are still alive?, Lord have mercy”- no name.

“Politicians always tells us to be patriotic, they should come and explain the meaning of this….it’s doesn’t feel good to serve this country anymore”.

“I never thought the originators of these songs are still alive, oh Ghaaaana ! when are go to appreciate our own?”….very bad.

“The leader in this country have failed us, you feel more Ghanaian when you listen to some of these music…….I can’t believe this”.

“So the leaders of this country have the nerves to invite Shatta Wale, Osuofia and the likes but not great singers of this nature?… wonder we cannot progress, am shock !!”. 

Meanwhile, the group despite all their troubles have compose another song to warn Ghanaians about Coronavirus pandemic.

Source: àyanewz, report.

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