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 What the world is experience today in the hands of covid-19; astrologist cautioned the world not to attribute to human error but a natural cause.

We know very well that 2020 is a special year because it has two dimensional way of looking at it. It is a looking-glass with reflection which shines from two different dimensions. “20” is repeated twice. Of course, in numerology, this happens once every century, and it means that 2020 is the most special year of the 21st century! I am sure, we have already seen the recurring pattern: the number 2 is the centre of everything: the “20” repeated 2 times; and it is even a leap year, meaning that we add a day to the second month of the year, and this is the 29th which is the last number of the “20”!

These amazing aspects of the year could mean one thing: 2020 was meant to be a very strong moment of our lives and for the world, it is a historical year.

Based on what is happening around us now, we can clearly understand what we mean by this. So now, let me explain to you what the number 2020 will bring in, in the future; and what they mean regarding our world. In this way the nations will understand its true mission of existing, and adapt it in the future. This great understanding will help us get out of the cycle we are in right now: the world will make sense to us and people will stop being a mystery to themselves. This knowledge will give us a better vision of our current situation, and if we understand and reconnect again to the world this way, we can predict consequences, twists, reactions and even if we think more and more that there is nothing to understand in this world, and that the world has gone crazy, with its wars, and the political threats, climate changes, and the human rights debates, and of course, lately the huge never seen before Covid -19 crisis, sometimes you just wonder why all of this is happening, and how it can be true.

Well, let me help you understand the way things are going so you can improve the situation we are in right now. It is not our fault if we are going through a bad phase of the crisis; it is because the world is often too hard to deal with, maybe it is too fast in its movement, or it is too centred on material issues rather than the humans, it’s difficult to evolve and be happy in this kind of environment. It is clear that we can’t change the world or we can’t control others or their actions but we can control our own acts. Our own life can go along with the movement of the world and its inhabitants.

Remember that number 2 represents emotions; it is the perfect time to focus on our own, but we are also more likely to pay attention to the way people feel.

And I bet that this doesn’t surprise you when we know-how worried we are right now about our own health, and also about our relatives and friends.

2 are all about emotional connectivity, it’s about time the world is telling us not to close relationship with neighbours so that it will enable us to share connectivity. You just have to experience the same situation or care about this specific person. As at now, the whole world is experiencing the same situation or care about this specific person. As you already know, 2020 is highly influenced by the number 2, and its greatly marked by the Covid 19 crisis, (the largest event that happened in the course of the 21st century so far) which started to get out of control in February, the second month of the year.

2020 is also the beginning of a new decade: the 20’s so everything tends to take a new intense turn. It is also the time where the planets and nature decided to impose a new cycle on us; it is a time where the world has to start from scratch again. This is why it is important to the people of the world to realize that we are entering a new cycle so that we all must get ready for it. That said, we must, first of all, identify what is it that we really want to see happening in our lives from now on.

Speaking for the countries, for example, around 30 of the countries in the world were supposed to organize presidential elections this year!

It is time to choose a new leader, a new direction for their country. But because of this crisis, it had to be postponed or the leader that we were expecting might not even win in the end because of this incredible change we are all going through. For example, let’s pay attention to the USA, they are among the countries and they are one of the most powerful nations of the world. Whatever they decide can impact you on your daily basis: If they decide on the price of goods it is final, on the business, and also the migration etc. The way they will handle the crisis and after the crisis, just like how China did will greatly shape the economy for the rest of the year.

From what I see in the planets, it may take a year to settle down because of political leaders and their political gimmicks of handling matter of the nation and the bankers.

In fact, 2020 started with important conjunction between Saturn and Pluto. This transit only happens almost once  in every 34 years and it usually brings huge changes into the world, as Saturn rules limitations and discipline, it is its duty to exercise the works of its imitational powers and introduces a new discipline into the world and one of which is this Covid 19 crisis and Pluto also rules money and creates rebirth by introducing a new cycle and this alignment impacts our relationship with money, in a very different ways, as it did in 1980 with the economic recession, but it can also have a very good influence on us just like in the 1960s during the cultural revolution.

In fact, during that decade, the world discovered new ways of consuming, new technologies, etc. which greatly affected the average income and expenditure

Now in 2020, the stock market is now witnessing the biggest point of the drop in the records of world history and this is not all, however, half of the world’s population had been placed in “quarantine”, bars and restaurants or even clothes stores were all forced to close down, which had greatly impact the way we used to spend money, all because of these great changes and we have to reschedule all investments, national and personal expenses, or even recalculate when we are supposed to get an income.

But a new turn is coming soon! Money wants to be impacted or burdened, once but twice! Figure 2 rules the year 2020 therefore, changes always come this way whenever figure 2 is ruling. In fact, Jupiter conjuncts Pluto in April and then will appear two other times during the year! So, the rest of the year 2020 will be highly influenced by the last astral configuration. And while Pluto rules money and rebirth, Jupiter will bring luck and expansion to the entire nation affected. So this is what is coming soon!

If we manage to pass through this crisis and from one end to the other through inattention to the task with the great Saturn and Pluto’s conjunction, if we can go along with Jupiter, we will experience a true financial rebirth! As we pay attention to the stock market exchange, to the countries suffering from this crisis or recovering from it, and as we have to identify what product and values will become indispensable in the future: having them with us will be a true advantage.

This world will be going through a true rebirth as well, so that the people might get excited and spend money without thinking about the consequences. But the world must be careful to stay cool-headed, so that we don’t spend money too fast on too many things! We need to focus on our future, if we can act now, and when the excitement time goes down, and the people realize it was just a phase for the beginning, the wise once will be ahead of the foolish and you will be fulfilling your project the way you want it to!

Let me take you back in the ’20s a century ago! The 1920’s decade is called “The Roaring Twenties.” because it was a time of rebirth and of freedom.

After ‘’world war one’’, everyone that survived considered the 20’s like the “real beginning” of the 20th century (again a combination of the 2!!!), and the beginning of the century was not impacted by the WWI, however, the people also suffered the “Spanish Flu.” The Covid 19 is compared to this virus as it spread the same way (on a larger scale because of the lack of medicine at the time.) You see, life, nature, the history itself is a cycle and the same kind of events kept happening, and they are always influenced by the same combination of figure 2!

The ’20s are always a time of rebirth and breakthroughs. So, we all know what we are all in now, we are going through difficulties now by quarantine’s half of the world’s population. But don’t worry, we must expect good things ahead, expect great things to happen in life. The months to come and the years to come will bring to us what we need most and by that, we will achieve more and more prospects.

Let me give you more examples here!  Let’s go back to the 1820s; this decade was in the middle of the Industrial Revolution: train, industry, energy…what the world discovered at that time. The world was discovering new ways of producing and exchanging! Do you understand why this year, I said this year will mark the beginning of a new decade because it is the beginning of other important discoveries: technology, a whole new world will reveal itself to us in a different way! And it will be even more intense than ever because the past discoveries were made to improve life, but this year, scientists and thinkers will have to come out with new ideas to fight the Covid 19 virus.

So, this means that we will definitely see great changes in our way of living sooner than expected. These discoveries about Covid 19 crisis are getting more intense and faster these days.

In this case, it means that every Tom Dig and Harry will discover great things in life to make the world a better place: a new relationship with someone now is very important, even unexpected ones must be embraced.  Find a new path in your professional perspective, and make a new investment etc. It’s your life and your decision to make in the end. I urge Ghanaians and people all over the world that we have the power to make something new happen. New discoveries, take advantage of the situation now! Don’t wait for the situational changes to come before you take this action. Begin to plan now and make them happen.

This year, Pluto conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn, the persevering, a determined and patient sign of the zodiac wheel is active so take advantage now. When I say a whole world is available to you this year I really mean it. When the stars send challenges and limitations, they also send a solution to overcome it and make the biggest achievements happen to live.

My regards

Elvis Jackson Etuah

(a.k.a Papa Jay)

CEO unity Link Foundation




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Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives.