Marriage proposal is not adoption- Kwame Afrifa descends on Ghanaian women

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Host of ‘Epa Hoa Daben’ on Happy FM, Kwame Afrifa Mensah has called out Ghanaians especially women for taking so much delight in begging for money.

Speaking during the rant segment of the show, he enumerated how the politician to the ordinary man on the street in Ghana has institutionalized corruption and begging for alms, which has rendered the country a destitute nation.

‘’In Ghana, immediately you propose to a woman, she becomes an orphan; let Ghanaian ladies know that marriage is not a charity project. It should be a mutually beneficial relationship, where the woman brings something to the table. Because of that, men have also now decided to go into lucrative relationships’’ he stated.

He extended some of the fire to politicians and traditional leaders.

Politicians beg from businessmen, that is why they cannot speak truth to power because they keep begging them for favours. Some of our Chiefs also engage and condone such disgraceful acts; I am a chief too so I know what I am saying. Nobody is ready to change’’ he said.

He also said it looks like Ghana actually has a school where people are specially trained to beg.

When you beg politicians for GHC 1.00 immediately he gets into Parliament, he needs to recoup what he has lost so he will engage in corrupt practices. I visited Karaga in the Upper East region and stayed there for three (3) days but even in abject poverty nobody begged me for anything. They exhibited a sense of pride and integrity’’ he narrated.

He however, acknowledged the hardworking women in the various markets across the country for supporting their men.

I respect the women in Okaishie; they contribute their quota to their marriages and that is a dignified way to go about life

Source: àyanewz/ etv, reporters.

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