Ghana Politicians and Leaders: Are they going to learn from Coronavirus Pandemic?

Ghana is one of the beautiful and peaceful country located in Western part of Africa. The country is  enriched with all sort of natural resources, such as Gold, Cocoa, Timber, Diamond, Manganese,  and Fertile Lands with green Forest .

One would never imagine a country blessed with these natural resources would have majority its citizens which can’t afford three square meal a day, not to talk of good standard of living. Unlike other Africa who have experienced civil wars and long-term famine such as Liberia, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Rwanda just to mention a few, yet the lives of many Ghanaians is nothing to right home about in terms of shelter, portable water, quality  education nor food, all because of the actions and inaction of political, traditional and religious leaders in the country.

A country with a little over 30 million people cannot be taken care off, politicians and successive government in this country claimed to have been doing their best for mother Ghana, meanwhile their children and close relatives go to school in abroad, when they themselves fall sick, they fly to abroad for a quality healthcare which was build by their own mates and colleagues they attended school with. There hasn’t been any good road or public transportation for the citizens who gave them power to rule, because they ride in Toyota V8, and other high standard vehicles which can run through rough roads without having problems. They blew sirens to pave way for them to pass so they are not affected by frustrated traffic jams in or outside the cities, they have open foreign accounts for obvious reasons, saving the money that are supposed to used to build good schools, roads, health care facilities, portable water and galamsey money. Any small chance they get the fly to spend holidays abroad and enjoy the stolen money, yet they praised by the so called party supporters and footsoldiers for the little things they do to deceive international communities, it is only Ghana that a constructed road can last for 3 or 6 months.

A renowned highlife Artist, in the name of the Late Akwasi Ampofo Agyei (Mr A. A. A.) had a popular  song called ‘if you do good you do for yourself, if you do bad you do for yourself’ in our local language, (woye papa a, woye fa na woye bone nsoa,  woye fa). What this simply means is that what goes around comes around.

Since the outbreak of popular Coronavirus (COVID-19), our politicians and leaders are behaving as if they care to fight the canker, so it will not affect the vulnerable in the country but the truth is they are not fighting for average citizens in the country, they are doing their best because the virus fear no one, however they are prone to COVID-19 more than average citizens considering their age, their travels for holidays and to look for quality healthcare outside the country are restricted  and there’s nothing they can do or have nowhere to go than to live here with us. We have all witness to road accident that has been happening in this country which has claimed many lives more than covid-19, from January-March this year alone Ghana has lost more than 300 lives to avoidable road accident, what has been done about it? Nothing, because they travel by air or ride in a very good cars at the expense of the citizens, we also know lives and properties we have lost to floods in recent times, they sit there unconcern without doing anything about it and it has been repeating itself before now, what  about the greatest enemy illegal minning (Galamsey) that have destroyed almost all our streams and rivers, farms and fertile lands in the country, the only thing they do is to form a cabal to do more and use the money to support their businesses and political parties or  take money from foreigners and allow them to operate galamsey freely in the country. The question some people are asking is; What are they going to learn from this outbreak?


492, 603 people have tested positive for Coronavirus, 22, 184 people have died and more 100 people have recovered from the virus worldwide and still counting.

Europe has been the most most affected continent since the outbreak of the virus in Wuhan, one of the great and industrious city of China, with Italy having more than 7 thousand cases with 4000+ deaths followed by Spain with 56000+ cases and 4, 500 deaths surpasses China where the virus was originated from.

Ghana has reported more than 100 cases with 4 deaths and 1 recovery at Thursday 26 March, 2020. Currently, there is a debate for a lockdown, but is going to be difficult for the managers of the country with the fear that, many people will die from hunger more than the Coronavirus itself since many people in the country depends on daily hustle.

COVID-19 has causes a global stare and fears no one, whether you are rich or poor, male or female, literate or illiterate.

Many prominent people have tested positive since the outbreak somewhere in October 2019. The affected people include, Prince Charles; the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England and Prince of Wales, Iddris Elba; Hollywood movie star and African Descent, the current Chief of Staff of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Norwegian Ambassador to Ghana, H.E Gunner Andreas Holms and Afro Jazz Pioneer Manu Dibango From Cameroon; who just died from COVID-19.

By Ohene Anochie,

À Y A Newz.






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