Ghana: Okyem Aboagye Shakes Batama with strong Faith,”God is God”.


The incumbent Parliament Member for the Bantama Constituency, Hon. Daniel Okyem Boagyei has shaked Bantama as he filed his parliamentary nomination forms with a call on delegates to reaffirm his mandate for another four years.
Speaking to journalists after filling pleaded the indulgences of delegates to give him another four years because he has unfinished developmental business in the constituency to complete.
“You can all testify to my unprecedented performance and contributions to the development of the constituency…I have spent my Common Fund mainly on developmental projects of which many of these projects now serving the core interest of the constituency today”.

Despite the fact that we are all members of the New Patriotic Party we all equally qualified to lead the party, but our individual contributions determines who is the rightful candidate to lead the party. But he was emphatic that he has recorded 83% votes for the party which is strenuous in the history of the constituency in 2016 general elections signifies his popularity and ability to lead the party and it’s true to believe that it is not about personalities but performance. The opposition party have said many negative things about the president, His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo that he cannot be president but today, Nana Addo is the president of the Repu lic of Ghana.

He urged delegates to vote for him to continue his four year team…speaking eloquently in “awosa” language, reafirmed his call for four years for Nana, four years for Okyem


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