Ghana: How did we get here?


“Democracy has come to stay, under no circumstance that we will go back to autocratic rule, Ghana is a peaceful country, Ghana is gateway to Africa and a Ghanaian hospitality is unique in Africa” these are some of the things we normally hear from our political, opinion and religious leaders.

Some way some how, these may be true, but unfortunately not for average Ghanaian. In political platforms, politicians tout and promised heaven to obtain political power, but as soon as they occupy the needed positions, it turns to a different story. ” Ye te sika so, nso ekom de yen” (meaning we sit on money, but we are hungry). This is a borrowed words from the then opposition leader on 2016 election campaign platform explaining that, no Ghanaian citizen should suffer because political leaders have everything at their disposal to make Ghana a better place, but what do we hear? I guess is the same old stories and rhetoric’s 3 years after he came to power.

High paid jobs are sold, we still pay bribes to accessed healthcare, for average Ghanaian to attend the so-called first class schools in Ghana, you must be a son/daughter of a political leader or high profile personality in the country, unfair justice to the poor still take place, the economic hardship is still on course, people’s right and opportunities are denied through bribe and corruption, government appointees and and politicians are shade and protected for their bad deeds, the fight against corruption is lost to the extend that those who are in charge to help fight the menace, turn around and fight those who wants to see corruption free system, yet we make noise everyday that, Ghanaians have equal opportunity to good education, health and share of the country’s abundant resource.

Ghana has obviously lost the interest to fight bribery and corruption because, that has been the tool for politicians to lure themselves into power.

Peace and Democracy they preach is another strategy to calm the populace so they can continue to milk and channeled the resource to their advantage, but no one cares because we keep telling and encourage ourselves that one day we will get there and take our own share, but in reality, that is not going to happen as it going to get worse than what we are currently experiencing.

Government agencies like COCOBOD, SNNIT, GNPC, ECG, GWC, VRA to mention a few do not advertise for employees anymore, various position in the aforementioned are filled with strict political protocol or family and friends of occupied executives to shade their corrupt activities. Sometimes those who supposed to go on pension refuse and change their age to extend their stay because they are afraid to go and face natural justice for their actions and corrupt practices.

This is the real democracy and peace we are practicing but not the picture and what they cook and sell on political platforms and to the world.

By King Phoxy



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